gia Faculty

Prof. Dr. Abhimod K

• Born, as the son of an eminent architect, who has a professional legacy of 55 years with an excellent professional and academic background.
• Graduated from the prestigious University of Madras with Post graduation in Architectural Conservation and PhD on Earthquake Resistant Design.
• Fellow in Indian Institute of Architects, Institution of Valuers, Indian society of Lighting Engineers, Member of Indian society of Technical Education, Member of Institution of Indian Interior Designers, Independent Member of International Council on Monuments and Sites.
• A National level Chess player who has represented the state multiple times.
• Interested in travelling, sketching, exploring places.
• His creative aptitude extends as an Art Director in the film industry.
• He is an independent consultant on RERA.
• Involved in a variety of expos, conducted workshops and was part of World bank projects.
• His expertise and leadership is the key inspiration for the tomorrow’s young architects at GIA.

Prof. Ar. Gokhula Kannan M

• A graduate from REC Trichy (NIIT, 1987-1992) with a post graduate degree with Distinction in Interior Designing from Dr.MGR University, serving as the Head of the Department at GIA.
• Has 25 years of excellence in professional practice and multidisciplinary projects from design to execution.
• Interested in forms and evolution of geometry in space planning, he is an artist with love for travel and music.
• A promising and inspiring academician, who is passionate on teaching architecture, is keen on imparting his vast knowledge of practical experience to mould the students to a realistic approach along with the academic training.

Ar. Kiran Kumar

• A graduate from the University of Mysore with 8 years of academic experience and 20 years of practical experience in critically acclaimed and award winning projects ranging from residential, educational, commercial and high-rise buildings.
• An Architect passionate in creating environment friendly society using modern technology motivates the budding architects to be an efficient generation.

Er. Amarnath M

• Graduated from Karpakam College of Engineering and Sree krishna college of Technology with Masters in Structural Engineering.
• Has an excellent practical experience under INS associates, handling numerous onsite projects.
• Interested in structural based design and coordinating onsite projects, he is a promising academician with efficient teaching skills.

Er. Reshma Chandran T

• Graduated from IES college of Engineering, with masters in Geotechnical engineering, has many years of academic teaching experience.
• Fellow in IGS (Indian Geotechnical Society, cochin chapter) and TPC (Technical Program Committee, Japan)
• A young vibrant academician interested in geotechnical exploration with the ability to instil structural knowledge in Architectural students.

Ar. Benedict Suresh

• Graduated from Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai and did Masters in Architecture Pedagogy from Sreemathy Manorama Mundle College of Architecture,Nagpur.
• With years of experience in teaching and professional set of skills to guide students to excel in architecture.

Ar. Ernie Victorvaz

• A graduate from NIT, Trichy with years of professional experience in reputed firms like L&T, EGIS Rail India, FBA Architects Australia, Mahindra Consulting India and running his own Advait architects, in Chennai.
• An acclaimed Artistic Architect with an expertise in Airport design, Metro-rail design, bus terminal and other commercial architecture, had conducted many exhibitions at Lalithakala Academy.

Ar.Sarath Mohan

• Graduate from Govt.College of Engineering, Trivandrum and specialised in urban design with a Masters degree.
• Interested in Urban development and related disciplines
• Passion for photography, travelling, trekking, travel sketching
• An exceptional asset in inspiring budding architects with efficient team coordination skills.
• Professional experience of many years at various firms, including own practice

Ar.Sruthi Lakshmi

• Graduate from Govt. College of Engineering Thrissur, with a professional experience of excellent background at Good Earth builders, Calicut.
• Intrested in dance,professional music and architectural space planning.
• Passion for fashion designing, event organising and festival palnning.
• Very charming persona with multidisciplinery skills and student counceling abilities

Ar.Anand SJ

• Graduated from MES School of Architecture with years of academic teaching experience.
• Had a carrier as an animator which later helped in architectural visualization.
• Varied set of skills in coordination and documentation, a promising person in moulding young professionsla to the field of architecture
• Intrested in sketching, music and crafts with a passion for interior designing and creative writing.

Ar. Neetu Deep

• She is a graduate from College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram with an illustrious carrier spanning over 11 years, as a senior architect at Good Earth, Calicut and having an own practice.
• She has handled projects varying from Commercial, Mixed use projects with international and public sector ownership.
• She is a highly motivational and efficient personality, who is an asset to any architectural aspirant to guide them to be a better designer.
• Her interest lies in architecture design, product design and has a born flair for painting and sketching. She is also a classical dancer with great passion for cartooning and animation movies.

Ar. R.S Veena

• A graduate from Govt. Engineering College Thrissur and did her Post Graduation with 2nd rank in M.Planning specialised in Housing from College of Engineering Trivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram affiliated to Kerala University.
• She is interested in motivating upcoming architects by imparting planning and architectural skills through a systematic teaching methodology.
• She has a passion for singing, dancing and student counselling from childhood, due to her family with an academic background.
• Efficient organising skills and coordination ability makes her, an asset to our college.
• Her hobbies lie in riding, travelling, reading and listening to inspirational stories.

Ar. Sudarshan Babu .J

• Graduated from TKM College of Engineering and has completed a successful professional practice spanning over 18 years spread across international firms in the Middle East and India, specialised in Marina Construction and Pre-Engineered Buildings.
• He possess highly motivating and efficient student moulding abilities, specialised in formulating advanced teaching methodologies with a team effort and also encourages the students to have an on- site work culture.
• His passions lie in all streams of architectural realm from planning to execution.
• Hobbies are biking, architectural expedition, reading and watching movies.
• He is a promising academician due to his wide practical expertise.

Dr. S.Thirunavukkarasu

• He is a famous artist, who has graduated from the Govt. College of Fine arts, Kumbakonam and has done his Post Graduation from the same institution followed by his M.Phil from Department of Sculpture Thamizh University, Thanjavur and Ph.D from School of Philosophy, Thamizh,University,Thanjavur.
• He has done a wide range of art exhibitions and workshops at various national level art pavilions and exhibitions.
• He has done many experimental art installations, guiding his students throughout the process with hands on exposure.
• He gives our architecture students a pragmatic approach in doing creative installations or art works along with a theoretical support.
• He inspires the students with a lot of creative input.

Prof. Ar. Keshav Gangadhar

• A famous architect based in Palakkad with a successful career spanning over twenty seven years. He started his career by writing for the famous architecture magazine; “Indian Architect and Builder” based in Mumbai and handled the desk of Bangalore correspondent. He has graduated from the prestigious School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi and later completed Masters in Environmental Architecture from Mc Gans’s School of Architecture, Ooty.
• He is the Chief Architect of “Eco Design” based in Palakkad and has also served as the Chairman at Indian Institute of Architects Palakkad Sub-Centre. He has been working as a visiting faculty at a number of institutions for the past couple of years. The Vocational School Design, done for the mentally challenged students, as a member of “Round Table- India “has won wide accolades including a Design award.
• He got a free spirited mentoring capacity and a lot of his students working internationally, in their respective carriers successfully. His passion lies in architectural ideologies based on onsite considerations of site oriented planning and beautification due to his innate model making skills, since childhood. His hobbies include writing, music and photography. He enjoys cycling, trekking and travelling.

Ar. Akhil P

• A rank holding Graduate from Goa College of Architecture, and having five years of professional experience at BS Architects Calicut. He is a highly promising professional who would dedicate cent percent of his ability in whatever job he undertakes. He got efficient mentoring abilities to nurture the budding architects due to his strong professional background. He was also selected as one of the top 50 Architects of India by IGEN 2018.
• He is an expert in commercial and public sector projects along with a great exposure to residential and private projects. His passion lies in research of traditional disciplnes in architectural realm. His hobbies include reading, writing, trekking, watching documenteries and is a good sports man since childhood.

Ar. Shahar Banu

• Graduated from College of Engineering Trivandrum, with an award winning Thesis project which was Top 10 in All India NIASA Awards for Excellence in Architectural Thesis.
• She had years of practical experience in studios spread over Emirates and India and is specialized in residential and commercial projects with a great passion to involve in Urban Design projects.
• She is highly motivated and a free spirited person with multitasking abilities which includes hosting and coordinating events and inspiring architecture aspirants.
• Her enthusiasm lies in meeting new people and exploring new horizons and travelling around the world.
• Her vision is to be an entrepreneur which focuses on giving back to nature by collaborating in projects benefiting myriad streams of society and thereby benefiting mankind to spread the message- “Architecture without borders”