Principal's Message

Dear Students,

I take this opportunity to congratulate you all on your decision to choose Architecture as your field of study. Being an Architect requires a lot more than just academics. It requires self improvement, in all disciplines, like the ability to think, ability to dream, ability to evaluate, ability to visualize, ability to make decisions, ability to communicate effectively, and I could just go on. But the best part is that, these are abilities that can be acquired. And these, when acquired take you to the next level.

If that thought excites you as much as it excites me, I just know that you are prepared for the challenge.It will be our constant endeavor to keep upgrading our skills and knowledge to be able to guide you, to understand the ever-evolving field of Architecture. And in the process, help you become true professionals.

Global Institute of Architecture offers a dynamic teaching and learning environment, a well qualified and industry experienced lecturing team and an educational setting that promotes and rewards learning endeavors. 

As an educator I understand that you entrust us with your dreams and future. Whether you are in the First year or the higher classes, I take this responsibility very seriously and will put in all the effort to guide you, to reach your greatest potential.

Prof.Ar.Kiran Kumar D
PRINCIPAL and Professor, Global Institute of Architecture

• Graduated from Mysore University and a Post graduate from Anna University
• He was honored by the International Rotary Organization for Compact housing construction
• He is a fellow in IIA and practices under his own firm Kiran Associates, for the past twenty years in multi-disciplinary projects ranging from institutional buildings to residential projects.


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Global Institute of Architecture offers Diploma and Master courses in Interior Design with an international curriculum and highly qualified Architectural practitioners, as faculties.

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